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liquid bamboo leaf extract - right from our magic forest to your plant - B2B


B2B. right from our magic bamboo forest to your plant.

all year-round fresh.

Bamboo flavonoids.

The green gold

Our liquid bamboo leaf extract is rich source of flavonoids which are well known for many beneficial physiological effects such as anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties and as prevention against cardiovascular diseases.

Bamboo silica.

Precious bioavailable silica

Silica is one of the most important constituents in connective tissues such as tendons, skin and aorta where it plays a key role in elasticity, integrity and firmness. Only water soluble silica – like bamboo silica – can be absorbed by the human body.

There is > 80 mg/l soluble silica in our Bamboo Leaf Extract.

Our products.

Bamboo Extract

hot water extract
light yellow liquid
rich in flavonoids

Our Bamboo Leaf Extract is a liquid, aromatic hot water extract from fresh hand-picked bamboo leaves. 
Bamboo Leaf Extract is rich in flavonoids and bioavailable silica. It can be used in drinks, Personal and Home Care products.

Bamboo Water

vacuum extract
clear liquid
100% botanical water

We also provide liquid Bamboo Water which is a vacuum extract (no solvent!). ‘No water formulation’ is an increasingly popular concept in current markets as one of the cutting-edge trends. Using 100 bamboo water is the smart choice to substitute deionised water to act as base of the water phase.

Bamboo Leaf Powder

thermal process
mechanical grinding
100% pure

“Our bamboo leaf powder is unique on the market. The handpicked bamboo leaves from our ancient bamboo forest (NO PLANTATION!) has been treated by thermal process and mechanical grinding so that the bamboo flavonoids (anti-oxidants) and bioavailable silica (helps to strengthen connective tissues and bones) are well preserved.” Christian Gerig, Founder.

magic source!

In our wild bamboo forest millions of bamboos are connecting into a giant organism by their roots. Bamboo accumulates the power from the sunlight and the earth to grow.
ROCKET BAMBOO is the world leading producer of fresh, liquid bamboo extract and bamboo water.
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Bamboo is evergreen plant. Thanks to our own forest management we can pick bamboo leaves and produce bamboo extract all year-round fresh.

No seasonal limitation.
No price-swings.

Our passion.

pure, natural and powerful liquid bamboo extract


Fastest growing plant on earth.
Our bamboo grows an amazing 20-50 cm a day until it reaches 15 meters or higher!
The spreading root structure allows one rootstock to produce several shoots, permitting bamboo to have horizontal growth too.


Bamboos aren’t trees.
They are actually grasses. Bamboos push up a single stem. This stem grows from nothing to its full height in a single season.
So, each year a tree gets taller… but a given bamboo stem doesn’t.
Bamboo Forest

Magic source…
Unspoiled wilderness…
Mystic and energetic source…

be like the bamboo.

Bamboo endure cold winters and extremely hot summers and are sometimes the only trees left standing in the aftermath of a typhoon. Like the bamboo, stand tall, believe in your own strengths, and know that you are as strong as you need to be.

ask the experts.

“We concentrate the power of bamboo in Pure Bamboo Water – the power of sunlight, energy from the world’s fastest growing plant, purity of air, the mystery of an ancient forest connected into a single organism through its roots – pure power.”

Christian Gerig, Founder and CEO
+41 79 218 84 61



Organic Bamboo Industries Ltd.

Have an amazing day!

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